I'm Jessie McKeown, owner and bookkeeper at the The Modern Keeper, LLC.

I started this company to pursue my passion of number crunching and small business ownership. When I graduated from college with a degree in finance, I had no idea how I would accomplish my dreams of owning my own business and working with small business owners. But as the saying goes, it came to fruition when I wasn't trying.  

Many years ago, a friend of mine asked me for bookkeeping help at an architecture firm she worked at.  I drove to the business that day and started working on their books. I realized pretty quickly that I loved everything about that job and I would find a way to work with more business owners. 

"Follow your passion and success will follow you."

I enjoy helping business owners grow the profitability of their company. We accomplish this together by getting organized and tracking expenses timely and accurately. 

I love to work with these types of clients:

  • Passionate about the success of their business
  • Want to grow their business or increase the profitability of their business 
  • Use cloud based accounting software or are interested in making the switch to cloud-based software
  • Owners of small to medium sized businesses
  • Respectfully of other people's time
  • Owners who seek total compliance with IRS rules and regulations